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Posted on 4th October 2018

A Hunger Free UK Report

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Feeding Britain has published a new report. This is our vision of a hunger free town. It compiles best practice and the innovative ideas from across our network and puts them together into one fictional town.

Feeding Britain has been working in local communities since 2015 to find practical solutions to hunger. The charities,
community groups, local authorities and others who have come together under the Feeding Britain umbrella have taken action to alleviate hunger in their town, city or county and to protect people at risk. They have experimented with innovative solutions, and scaled up what works well, and have shared learning with others across the country.

They have also learned a lot about how a community can foster a local culture where those who are struggling with food insecurity feel able to seek assistance without the stigma of shame or failure. This vision of a hunger free town
recognises the assets and resources that communities already have, and the creativity and energy that exists. What
Feeding Britain does is support this capacity, add to it where necessary and scale up what works. Crucially, what we think makes a difference is bringing initiatives together, so that they become more than the sum of their parts.

We don’t think hunger is inevitable, and in Part 2 we explain how things need to change at a system level to eliminate it. But while the spectre of hunger does stalk this country, our hunger free town shows the practical measures that can be taken locally to respond to it. None of these initiatives, on their own, can tackle hunger in the town. Together, though, they can create a robust and compassionate safety net to make sure no one goes to bed hungry.