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Posted on 3rd April 2023

‘A lifeline for Merseyside’ – £120,000 Duchy boost for community food spaces

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‘A lifeline for Merseyside’ – £120,000 Duchy boost for community food spaces

66 community food spaces have received a significant boost from the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund Merseyside to help them meet unprecedented levels of demand for their services.

Pantries, food clubs, and social supermarkets in Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St Helens, and Wirral are helping thousands of families stretch their budgets further, and access nutritious food, against a backdrop of high inflation.

With their running costs rising in line with demand, the Benevolent Fund has recognised the need for targeted financial support to see these community-led initiatives through the weeks ahead.

Andrew Forsey, Feeding Britain’s National Director, comments: ‘We have never before seen so many people accessing these services. They have become an essential part of people’s coping strategies to meet the rising cost of living. The incredibly swift and generous support that has been provided by the Benevolent Fund will keep the stock replenished at each service during these tough times, thereby helping many thousands of families to put decent meals on the table – and not have to go without food or other essentials. We are enormously grateful for this lifeline that has been given to Merseyside.’

Helen Tanzey, Secretary to the Duchy of Lancaster Benevolent Fund Merseyside and Stephen Burrows, Chair of the Grants Committee, add: ‘This year the Trustees of the Duchy of Lancaster agreed an additional sum of money to support those in food insecurity and winter hardship. We are grateful to Feeding Britain for enabling those funds to be distributed to those most in need.’