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Posted on 13th October 2020

A new social supermarket for Prenton

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The Shaftesbury Youth Club in Prenton has a long tradition of supporting the local community, so it was no surprise when they decided to open their own social supermarket.

Opened this week, in partnership with Feeding Britain, the new initiative offers low-cost food and other essentials to local residents. Social supermarkets are a proven way of preventing families from falling into crisis – often taking at least some of the strain off food banks. By using some of the surplus stock from food businesses’ supply chains and preventing it from going to waste, they are also good for the environment.  

Michelle Naylor, Debbie Davies, and Leanne Rogan from The Shaftesbury Youth Club, along with Moira McAdam from Feeding Britain, have set up the new social supermarket within a matter of weeks. Similar developments have recently taken place, with Feeding Britain’s support, at Kirkby’s Centre 63, Halewood’s Torrington Drive Community Association, Belle Vale’s Lee Valley Millennium Centre, and St Helens’ Wonderland Community Centre – helping hundreds of families stretch their budgets further each week.

‘We want everyone to feel welcome at The Shaftesbury social supermarket. We aim to provide a warm and supportive environment for all, no matter what your circumstances.’

Michelle Naylor

Moira adds: ‘Times are hard and there are lots of people in Prenton and Tranmere who are struggling to pay the bills right now, so we expect this new social supermarket to be a much-used resource.’

The Shaftesbury Youth Club has also become the new home to Wirral Baby Baskets. The project, set up by Feeding Britain in 2019, provides free baskets of baby essentials to families who are expecting a new baby and may be struggling to source what they need because money is tight.

Moira, who also runs Wirral Baby Baskets, says: ‘We are delighted to be based at the Shaftesbury Youth Club. The central location is perfect and the team here have been so welcoming. We are looking forward to being able to provide even more baby essentials to those who need our help.’