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Posted on 28th September 2020

Feeding Britain hosts Healthy Holidays webinar

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On Thursday 24th September, Feeding Britain hosted a webinar on the lessons that can be drawn from this year’s summer holiday programmes – of meals, activities, and childcare – to inform future policy and practice in England.

We were joined by holiday club co-ordinators from the Feeding Britain network and the Mayor’s Fund for London Kitchen Social programme, as well as a representative from the Department for Education and Professor Greta Defeyter from the Northumbria University Healthy Living Lab, for a review of this year’s programmes.

The webinar also included an open discussion with attendees on how best to support children and families during future holidays.

The webinar will be written up as a submission, in collaboration with the Food Foundation and Kitchen Social, in support of the National Food Strategy’s call for action on holiday provision. The submission will also be followed up on a cross-party basis in Parliament.

The presentation and recording of the session will be made available here shortly.