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Posted on 14th December 2017

Feeding Britain Trustees Frank Field and Heidi Allen on Universal Credit

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The Guardian, 6 December 2017

Feeding Britain Trustees Frank Field and Heidi Allen prove that there is cross party commitment to ending hunger.

“Just as they have with the social evil of “holiday hunger”, it was the real-life stories from our own constituencies that electrified the House in yesterday’s debate on universal credit. Only in those circumstances does the House seem willing to put aside the barrage of statistics arguing this way, that way, and the other way, to engage fully with human plight and suffering.

This is one of our many roles as MPs – to bring our constituents’ lives to the floor of the House. I’ve never experienced an occasion when a whole range of members have been able to do this, and the House not being moved in renewing its determination to act. Such movement has repercussions locally because local activists see their work being channelled into parliament and made effective. Likewise, people crushed by welfare reforms can see that their plight can affect what the House does.”

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Opinion piece in the Guardian, Frank Field MP