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Posted on 19th April 2022

FoodSavers: Saving on more than just the weekly shop

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This blog is written by Tess Wilkins, FoodSavers Coordinator

FoodSavers – a network of outlets offering affordable groceries for those who need it most – is helping to change the lives of Bradford communities for the better. Set up by Inn Churches, FoodSavers pantries offer the chance to:

  • Save on your weekly shopping bill
  • Save food from going to landfill, and
  • Save into a recognised Credit Union, every time you shop

FoodSavers already has 10 pantries across the Feeding Bradford and Keighley network, where people can shop in a pleasant and welcoming environment, choosing what they want from a wide variety of fresh and store-cupboard foods, toiletries, and household cleaning products.  They typically pay a membership fee of £5 for a large bag of shopping.  If they choose to join the Credit Union, £1 of their membership fee goes into their account, every time they shop.

The FoodSavers model is really taking off in Bradford.  An estimated 255 people regularly shop in the pantries, and 45% of these have already opened Credit Union accounts.  Customers say that they value the chance to choose what they really want, and the dignity of knowing that they are paying for their shopping, and not accepting handouts.  For many people, building up savings is not a luxury they have ever enjoyed before.  It’s empowering to know that they are building up a nest egg in a savings account, and some are inspired to add to their savings when they find they have a pound or two to spare.

The current financial crisis means that numbers visiting the pantries are growing all the time, and several more outlets are planned to open in the next few months, across all areas of Bradford.

Feeding Britain is delighted to have supported the development and expansion of the FoodSavers initiative.

Find out more about FoodSavers here:

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The photos below show a number of the FoodSavers sites in the Feeding Bradford and Keighley network.