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As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, Feeding Britain is supporting partners across the UK to develop sustainable and dignified approaches to protect people from hunger. From affordable food networks to advice services, from fuel banks to school holiday programmes, your donation will make a real difference to communities across the UK.

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Looking for ways to give back to your community? We have lots of ideas for involving your business in our fight to end hunger. 

If you would like to discuss a partnership, please contact us at

4 reasons to involve your company

  1. Make a real difference in your community
  2. Boost employee morale
  3. Team building
  4. Show your community and audience you care

Don’t believe us? Read what the experts are saying.


Offer your skills

You and your employees have valuable skills and experience that can contribute to the success of our projects. We support a wide range of anti-hunger initiatives in our regional partnerships across the UK. By working one-on-one with project developers, and offering your professional support, we can ensure projects are developed with best practices and sustainability in mind. Projects are often looking for technical skills that your business may have, such as finance and accounting, marketing and logistics.

Partnerships can be structured in a number of ways and we are keen to offer a set up that best fits the needs of your business and employees.


All successful companies rely on strong relationships in the workplace. There are few better ways of achieving these strong working relationships than getting your team together for a charitable cause. By sponsoring a fundraiser for Feeding Britain your business can play an important role in addressing hunger in the UK while improving team bonding and employee morale.

You can create a fundraising page here.


There are a number of ways you can donate to Feeding Britain. If you would like to make a one-time unrestricted donation, or set up a recurring gift, please go here.

Many of our pilot areas are also seeking donations of food, equipment and other in-kind resources. Right now our Citizens’ Supermarkets and Holiday Clubs need donations of food and equipment to feed as many people as possible.

Please contact us, or your local Feeding Britain partner, to discuss their needs and how you could help.

Support a regional partner

To support a Feeding Britain partner in your area please find out where we work and either contact the project lead directly or write to us. We are happy to give additional information on the networks and advise where your donation would be best allocated.

Support a project

For more information on our projects you can visit our regional partner pages or our flagship projects. If there is a specific area of our work that resonates with you we are happy to discuss possible collaborations.