COVID-19 emergency food programme

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are running an emergency food programme to protect children and their families from hunger. Hot meals and food packages are being made available, through a combination of home deliveries and collection points in the community, to ensure families on low incomes can put breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table each day. A donation of just £10 can purchase the equivalent of 30 meals for a family at risk of hunger.

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Holiday Hunger

Feeding Britain is determined that this year should be the last in which children in this country go hungry during the school holidays.

Read our latest report on Holiday Hunger: Ending Hunger in the Holidays

Read the draft of the School Holidays (Meals and Activities) Bill: Draft School Holidays Bill

Find out more about our Holiday Food and Fun Club programming here

The Bill Set to End Holiday Hunger

Frank Field MP has presented the School Holidays (Meals and Activities) Bill, to require local authorities to facilitate the delivery of programmes that provide free meals and activities for children during school holidays.

The bill, which received cross-party backing from over 130 MPs, sought to give local authorities the duties and the resources needed to ensure that free meals and activities are provided during the holidays for children who might otherwise go hungry. 

Next Steps

The bill received its second reading in the House of Commons Friday 19th January 2018. The government was supportive of efforts to ensure every child receive meals and fun over holiday times. However they determined that more evidence was needed to design an effective program, and will therefore commission research and targeted holiday provision pilots to develop best practices and decide next steps. 

Feeding Britain will continue to support our local pilot areas to coordinate Holiday food and fun programmes, and will share learning and evidence throughout our networks and nationally.