COVID-19 emergency food programme

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are running an emergency food programme to protect children and their families from hunger. Hot meals and food packages are being made available, through a combination of home deliveries and collection points in the community, to ensure families on low incomes can put breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the table each day. A donation of just £10 can purchase the equivalent of 30 meals for a family at risk of hunger.

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Measuring Food Insecurity

Feeding Britain trustee Emma Lewell-Buck MP, has introduced a 10 minute rule bill asking the government to systematically measure household food insecurity. Having proper data on levels of food insecurity in the UK is so important, as it would provide a robust evidence base for policies to ensure no one goes hungry.

The second reading of the bill has been scheduled for the 26th October. 

The Bill now has cross-party support from over 150 MPs who want to make sure we can know the full scale of hunger in the UK.

Why it’s important

We know that foodbank usage is on the rise, and from independent studies that as many as 1 in 4 parents are skipping meals because they can’t afford to eat. We also know that health issues like obesity, which disproportionately impact lower income households, have roots in food poverty. While we know the numbers of people accessing support from Trussel Trust foodbanks we don’t have robust numbers from independent food aid projects, which are projected to make up over 38.1% of the Trussel Trust foodbanks and probably more. Additionally, we know that many people in need are either not able to physically access foodbanks due to mobility issues or social exclusion and/or refuse to accept food aid as a point pride. 

What the bill proposes

Despite these numbers we still need quality data to move the conversation forward and reveal the true picture of hunger in the UK. This bill would be a simple, efficient, and cost neutral way of gathering data. It call son the government to implement one of two existing survey tools by adding them to an existing government survey of households.

How You Can Help

Contact your MP

Whether by email, letter, phone, at a surgery, or over social media, MPs need to hear from their constituents that this is an issue of importance to them.

The specific asks are:

  • attend the second reading of the bill on the 2nd of February
  • pledge your support for the bill

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