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Posted on 19th April 2022

Media coverage roundup

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Here you can see the latest press cuttings and media coverage from Feeding Britain:

The House: Rishi Sunak needs to step out of his ivory tower and see what real poverty in Britain looks like, 17th April 2022

Quids in! Pro: In a cost of living crisis, how can we improve benefits take-up?, 13th April 2022

Eastern Daily Press: More cut-price community shops to help ‘struggling’ families, 12th April 2022

The Times: Cost of cooking forces poorest families to ditch fresh food

LBC: Mum forced to eat stock cubes in order to feed her children, charity boss tells LBC

The Guardian: Many are facing the impossible choice of food or fuel

The Mirror: Free food and milk vouchers going unclaimed by thousands each week – how to get yours

The Independent: Food clubs wade in to deal with the hunger crisis in Britain

Kent Online: Baroness Rosie Boycott says Sheppey supermarket in a bus is ‘just the ticket’

The Mirror: Universal Credit loans creating poverty gap in Red Wall seats as £8million deducted

The Guardian: If Tories want to help the hungry, here’s what they should do

The Mirror: DWP hits 2million Brits with £61-a-month ‘poverty tax’ – 58 worst-hit areas revealed

The Times: Letter to the Editor – “Tax raid on the poor”

The Guardian: Growing numbers of ‘newly hungry’ forced to use UK food banks

iNews: Covid-19 has turned middle income families into ‘newly hungry’ people who rely on our food banks

Financial Times: Letter to the Editor – “Governments should fund self help schemes”

The Independent: The government has to help young people facing unemployment – or food bank use will only increase

The Times: Letter to the Editor, 14th October 2020

The Times: Letter to the Editor – “Rebuilding after lockdown”