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Posted on 4th December 2018

Pathways out of poverty: new project coming 2019

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We are very excited to announce a new project, Pathways out of poverty: helping people access emergency advice through community food projects, funded by the National Lottery.

The project aims to address the deficit in accessible emergency advice available to people in food crisis, particularly among vulnerable groups who face barriers to accessing mainstream advice services. We are excited to work with our local pilots and Child Poverty Action Group to begin rolling out the two-year project in February 2019. The program will run in Bradford, Bristol, Leicester and Derbyshire, where 17 local community food projects will host advice workers and community advice volunteers at weekly surgeries. The locations we have chosen were selected on the basis of available volunteers, high deprivation and need, a lack of existing advice services or limited advice services being overwhelmed, and the ability to reach out to underserved or hard to reach communities.

We hope the project will allow people to address the underlying issues that made them vulnerable to hunger or food insecurity, with a goal of 70% of the clients receiving support from advice workers to report their issue resolved by the end of the project. We will also work to develop a comprehensive volunteer training program which will aim to support volunteers to develop new skills and confidence. We are very thankful to the National Lottery funding that has made the project possible and are excited to begin work in 2019.