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Posted on 13th April 2022

The Hyndburn Food Pantry

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This blog is from Stacy Walsh who runs the Hyndburn Food Pantry that opened in October 2021. The Pantry offers nutritious affordable food to local people who may otherwise be at risk of hunger.

The Hyndburn Pantry is one of over 130 Affordable Food Clubs being supported and developed by Feeding Britain. You can find out more about Affordable Food Clubs here.

The Hyndburn Food Pantry 

How does your model work? We ask people to register to become a member, which they can do for free. Once registered, members can do a weekly shop and pay £2.50 for a basket of food. We also include many items for free, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

Why did you choose to set up an affordable food project? Following work during the pandemic, I was heavily involved in food banks and supplying parcels to the most vulnerable, those who were shielding and those in need. It quickly became apparent that there was a lot of waste and many items were being returned. We decided that opening a pantry, which gives people the choice of what they would like, cuts down on waste. We also researched various models and decided that a pantry model helped promote self wellbeing and made people feel valued, as they were contributing by paying for their shopping. We have had lots of positive feedback to confirm this.

What have been the outcomes, impact and feedback? Since we opened up on 23rd October 2021 we have had over 650 households register. Members have been very positive and say that the pantry is just what is needed in the locality. We are surprised that we have had such a large uptake so quickly which shows the need in the location we serve.

How have Feeding Britain supported the Hyndburn Food Pantry? Feeding Britain has provided storage and display equipment for the pantry, as well as funding to purchase a larger and more regular supply of specialist and culturally appropriate foods for members to maintain their dignity of choice.

Feeding Britain is here to support any new or existing Affordable Food Clubs. We have additional materials available including guides on food suppliers and mobile affordable food models. Please contact to find out more.