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Posted on 28th May 2020

The Times: Letter to the Editor – “Rebuilding after lockdown”

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Sir, Among the most severe economic consequences of coronavirus is the heightened risk of long-term youth unemployment and all its scarring effects (“Call to make unemployed build roads and schools”, News, May 8). We have asked the chancellor to initiate a job-guarantee scheme, as part of a broader package to protect living standards. If an initial period of looking for work is unsuccessful, the government should subsidise the creation of new job placements for young people. Last week we launched our own scheme to provide paid work for people facing a prolonged spell of unemployment and poverty. The boost to each new starter’s confidence and self-esteem, not to mention their income, has been rapid. Without similar action from the government, an army of young people will find themselves without a job and in need of help from food banks.

Andrew Forsey

Director, Feeding Britain