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As the cost of food and other essentials continues to rise, Feeding Britain is working with partners across the UK to develop sustainable and dignified approaches to protect people from hunger. From affordable food networks to advice services, from fuel vouchers to school holiday programmes, your donation will make a real difference to communities across the UK.

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Posted on 30th January 2024

Trustee Vacancy – Feeding Britain

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We welcome your consideration to join our board of trustees.

Feeding Britain is the charity established in 2015 to implement the recommendations of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the United Kingdom. We are working toward a future where nobody in the UK goes hungry, through a combination of direct project delivery, the allocation of grants to local partner organisations, and through our parliamentary links which enable us to provide policy recommendations based on the findings of our own Academic Advisory Group.

Feeding Britain is radically reforming the role, characteristics, and functions of community food provision across the UK through the establishment of Affordable Food Networks that offer beneficiaries attainable pathways from poverty with minimal need for food banks.

Expansion has been rapid: we are soon to establish our 100th regional Feeding Britain partnership. In late 2023 we were selected as one of three Christmas Appeal charities by The Times & Sunday Times.

We are expanding our trustee board and seek a recruit with interest and expertise in finance to serve as the trustee lead to oversee this aspect of our work. In addition, candidates should have a strong empathy towards our mission to tackle food poverty in innovative and creative ways. The broad duties of a trustee are outlined in Charity Commission website guidance, The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do.

Role Description

The Trustee will take on the functions of an Honorary Treasurer, in monitoring the financial administration of the charity and, alongside the Finance Officer, reporting to the board of trustees at regular intervals on its state of financial health.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Leading in the board’s duty to ensure that proper accounting records are kept, financial resources are properly controlled, invested and economically spent, in line with good governance, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Leading in the development and implementation of financial reserves, cost‐management and investment policies, as well as financial control and risk-management procedures alongside sound budgetary and accounting practices
  • Liaising, where applicable, with the appropriate member of staff responsible for the financial activities of the organisation
  • Monitoring and advising on the financial viability of the charity
  • Advising on the financial implications of the charity’s strategic plan
  • Acting as a counter signatory on charity cheques and important applications to funders
  • Board‐level liaison with the external auditors on specific issues such as the Auditors’ Management Letter and the related board representations.

Essential Person Specifications:

  • Current knowledge of accountancy, auditing, bookkeeping and financial management practices
  • Strategic financial planning, forecasting, and reporting skills
  • The ability to present and communicate financial information in an accessible way
  • An understanding of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of a trustee
  • A commitment to devote the necessary time to prepare for, attend and contribute meaningfully at trustee meetings

If you would like to be considered for this role, please send to by Friday 1st March 2024 a current CV and a maximum two-sided covering letter detailing why you feel you are a perfect fit for this role, including examples of how your experience demonstrates how you can support our work.

Thank you for your consideration.