Bradford and Keighley

“Our vision is a Bradford district free of food poverty where people have access to affordable good food.”

The mission

Feeding Bradford and Keighley is a passionate and dedicated network of more than 70 organisations committed to ending hunger in the local community. The pilot aims to improve food crisis support, ensure that no child goes hungry over the school holidays, and raise awareness about the root causes of hunger amongst decision-makers.

How we work

Feeding Bradford and Keighley has a membership exceeding 70 organisations which include charities, social enterprises, health providers, religious groups, housing associations, and community projects. The pilot sits within Wellsprings Together Bradford, and activities are coordinated by Cathy Henwood.

The local authority is actively involved, with public health officers assisting in project development, resourcing funding to sustain activities and food redistribution, and ensuring elected members are informed of Feeding Bradford and Keighley’s work. The network meets on a quarterly basis with additional steering group meeting held as needed.

What we’ve achieved

Key activities implemented by Feeding Bradford and Keighley include:

  • Support for emergency food aid providers
  • Publication of free meal provision directories
  • Holiday food and fun programmes
  • Supporting the network and beneficiaries during the roll out of Universal Credit
  • One-week data collection push to build a better picture of local food poverty
  • Advice worker supporting service users in some of our local food settings
  • Actively supporting food banks and meal providers during the Covid 19 crisis

What’s next

In the coming year Feeding Bradford and Keighley plans to maintain and extend their network of support, scale up projects that fill gaps identified during the most recent data collection week, and better involve experts by experience in project development and operations.

We are working to increase our low cost food provision by supporting partners across the district to widen the reach of low cost food stalls, shops and cafe provision. We are working with partnerships that help people avoid falling into a food crisis, or enabling them to move out of a food crisis more quickly including the local Credit Union, advice services and drugs and alcohol agencies.

Related Materials

Feeding Bradford Food Snapshot: Data collection week

To try and get a better picture of food provision across the Bradford and Keighley District, Feeding Bradford undertook a data collection exercise for the week commencing 19th March 2018 (7 days).

For more information about the pilot and how to get involved please get in touch with Cathy Henwood at 

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