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As the cost of food and other essentials continues to rise, Feeding Britain is working with partners across the UK to develop sustainable and dignified approaches to protect people from hunger. From affordable food networks to advice services, from fuel vouchers to school holiday programmes, your donation will make a real difference to communities across the UK.

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How to guides

Learning how to support people in crisis, protect people from hunger, and build community food security

Best Practice Guides

Guides and case studies on practical interventions and projects which tackle hunger.

These guides are in addition to the information on our four flagship projects – Affordable Food Clubs, Pathways from Poverty, Healthy Holidays and Fuel Banks.

Feeding Coventry, Foleshill Community Centre and Social Supermarket Evaluation

Foleshill Community Centre is the flagship hub at the core of our partnership with Feeding Coventry. The centre combines an affordable food club with a wide range of community activities and wraparound support. Researchers from Coventry University, led by Dr Lopa Saxena, have published a report on their evaluation of the Centre. Read the evaluation report here.

Local and regional anti-hunger strategies

Across the Feeding Britain network, fantastic work has been done to develop strategies to prevent hunger and food insecurity. Read our paper here with examples of local strategies and plans.

Rural models of affordable food provision

Across the Feeding Britain network, our partners are finding innovative ways to provide affordable nutritious food to rural communities, tackling issues of accessibility as well as affordability. Read our blog here on some of the models currently in operation

Feeding Bradford and Keighley, FoodSavers – a one-stop shop for affordable food and Credit Union services

The FoodSavers initiative aims to reduce dependence on food banks and free food provision, by combining affordable food clubs with easy access to a Credit Union, as part of the wider food support system. Members pay £6 for their weekly pantry shop, £1 of which is then added into their Credit Union account. Find out more here.

Feeding Bristol, The Children’s Kitchen – engaging early years children and families with food

The Children’s Kitchen is a city-wide project based in Bristol, led by chef Jo Ingleby, BBC Cook of the Year 2015. It is part of the larger Pathways from Poverty project funded by the National Lottery Community Fund. The Children’s Kitchen commenced on 6th January 2020 and operates within nurseries and children’s centres in areas of Bristol with high levels of food insecurity. The project works with families with children aged between two and five, on themes such as cooking, growing produce, recycling, and food waste. The Children’s Kitchen is now being delivered in Feeding Ashfield and Feeding Mansfield too. Read the impact report here.

London Community Food Bus – bringing nutritious, affordable food into deprived communities

The Community Food Bus is a converted double decker bus that provides good quality, affordable, fresh food to communities in areas of high deprivation in Wandsworth and Lambeth. The bus has a regular route, and includes a social supermarket, a community cafe and a space for community advice and services. Read the interim evaluation report here.

Sheppey Support Bus – a mobile community supermarket and advice centre

The Sheppey Support Bus, created by the Sheppey Community Development Forum, is a double decker bus with social supermarket on the lower deck and space for expert advice services on the upper deck. Find out more here.

CropDrop – sharing allotment abundance in Bath & North East Somerset

CropDrop is increasing the local supply of fruit and vegetables from bountiful allotments and food growers to community food projects. Volunteer drivers transport this ‘untapped resource’ from growing sites to alleviate food insecurity across Bath & North East Somerset. Allotments and food projects are connected within the same area to help strengthen communities and minimise the ‘food miles’ of the produce. CropDrop is now being delivered in Feeding Ashfield, Feeding Mansfield, and Feeding Newark & Sherwood too. Download ‘how to’ guide.

Feeding Derbyshire, Batch-Cook – reaching vulnerable and isolated people in a rural county

In response to Covid-19, Feeding Derbyshire launched the Batch-Cook project to deliver freshly prepared, nutritious meals to vulnerable, shielding or self-isolating residents in rural areas. Read the impact report here.

Feeding Birkenhead, Number Seven Citizen’s Supermarket and Community Café

The flagship Affordable Food Club in our network, Number Seven combines provision of nutritious affordable food with a low-cost café and on-site advice services. Visit their Facebook page here.

Feeding Liverpool’s Good Food Plan

Liverpool’s Good Food Plan is their local food strategy. The plan addresses key issues related to food insecurity; access to and take-up of healthy, nutritious food; the impact the food we eat is having on our planet; and the practices by which the food we eat is produced. Find out more here.

Nourishing Norfolk, Burrell Shop Impact Report

The Burrell Shop social supermarket was launched in November 2020 on the Burrell estate in Thetford. Funded through Breckland Borough Council, Norfolk Community Foundation and Feeding Britain, the shop aims to address the challenges many face around accessing affordable food on a regular basis. Read the Impact Report of the first six months here.

Cheshire West Welcome Network, Meeting Places Community Food Hubs

The Welcome Network’s Meeting Places initiative involved the piloting of innovative approaches to moving beyond food crises through community food hubs. It also explored different approaches to helping people address the causes and wider harms of food insecurity, such as campaigning, reducing social isolation, addressing personal debt and benefit issues, and skill development. Read Chester University’s evaluation report here.