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Posted on 22nd February 2024

The Good Food Scotland Larder Network

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This blog comes from Chris Stephens, Member of Parliament for Glasgow South West and Chair of Good Food Scotland.

If you’ve been following my role as the Chair of Good Food Scotland, you’re likely aware of the impactful and affordable food projects I’ve been actively involved in. These initiatives are crafted to address the crucial issue of access to affordable and nutritious food, particularly in the face of ongoing challenges related to the cost of living. However, if you haven’t had the chance to stay informed about these
endeavours, allow me to provide you with an overview of some exciting new developments.

At the core of my efforts are community-based larders, serving as “wee shops” where individuals can become members for a nominal fee of just £1 per month. What makes these larders truly remarkable is their inclusivity; membership is open to everyone, regardless of employment or benefit status. As a member, individuals gain access to a diverse range of food essentials, encompassing household goods, fresh meat and dairy, frozen produce, cupboard staples, pet food, hygiene and feminine items, sweet treats, baby essentials, laundry products, and more.

In Glasgow South West, where the rising cost of living has significantly impacted the community, larders in Cardonald, Linthouse, and Nitshill have proven to be a lifeline for many. I am thrilled to share exciting plans on the horizon, including the introduction of a mobile larder and the upcoming Threehills Community Supermarket, both of which are set to further serve and enrich our local community.

On a celebratory note, one of the mentioned larders – Linthouse Larder – recently marked its first anniversary at the end of last year. Linthouse Housing Association is playing a pivotal role by providing a fantastic new space known as the ‘Linthouse Community Shop.’ This space will not only host the larder but also include wrap-around services offering access to the Linthouse Housing Association team, debt advice and general support. The Community Shop will be situated at the old LUV Café site at 1121 Govan Road, Linthouse, with doors opening in early spring. Stay tuned for more details on their Facebook page.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Linthouse for their unwavering support. The current larder operates from the rear of the Linthouse Housing Association building at 1 Cressy Street, G51 4RB, every Thursday from 10 am until 1 pm. The new space has garnered substantial support from local businesses, with BAE Systems contributing to making this space a reality, even assisting with painting. It is indeed a fantastic new location filled with promising opportunities.

In Westminster, my commitment remains resolute as I continue to advocate for concrete plans to eliminate the need for food banks by 2030. I am also dedicated to pushing for reforms related to Universal Credit deductions, which can be excessive, as well as sanctions and initiatives aimed at effectively addressing in-work poverty. These efforts reflect my unwavering dedication to creating a brighter, fairer, and more equitable future for all.

With the unwavering dedication of all those involved, I am confident that together, we can make a meaningful and lasting difference.