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The Rt Revd Rachel Treweek

Bishop Rachel was consecrated as the 41st Bishop of Gloucester in 2015 and made history by becoming the first female diocesan bishop and the first female bishop in the House of Lords.

During her time as the Bishop of Gloucester, she has launched two nationally and internationally recognised campaigns #Liedentity and Fighting for Women’s Justice. The #Liedentity campaign was launched in 2016 and raises awareness of body image anxiety in young people and the pressures they face through social media, TV and advertising to look a certain way, changing the message that ‘who you are, is all about how you look’. With a keen interest in gender justice and a particular passion for vulnerable girls and women she launched the campaign Fighting for Women’s Justice in 2017.  The campaign aims to change the women’s justice system and raise awareness of the incredible work that takes place through Women’s Centres across the country, supporting the most vulnerable women in our communities.

In 2021, Bishop Rachel convened the inaugural meeting of the Feeding Gloucestershire network.