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Professor Joanna Bowtell

Jo Bowtell completed her PhD examining the effects of nutrition and exercise on protein turnover at Dundee University in 1996. She subsequently spent 3 years lecturing and researching at Loughborough University and 12 years at London South Bank University, where she led sport and exercise science research and enterprise activity. She has been at University of Exeter since September 2011, where she is Professor of Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, and after 5 years as Head of the Sport and Health Sciences Department she is now Associate Dean of Global Engagement for the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

Jo’s research focus is on exercise and nutrient-induced changes in human physiology and metabolism, and their effects on exercise performance and recovery, as well as their potential to support human health. Her BioActivEx research group are currently investigating the effects of hot meal delivery on physical and psychological wellbeing in community dwelling under-nourished older adults. In addition, exploring the effects of a range of natural bioactive compounds such as polyphenols on athlete performance and healthy aging and the underpinning mechanisms.